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Detectors gain four European approvals

by Andy Clutton

Vanderbilt has announced that its range of MAGIC dual motion detectors has been awarded four European approvals. The range has gained approval in line with the latest editions of the relevant French NF standards, as well as the TO-14 (INCERT) standards that are applicable in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Italian IMQ and the German VdS accreditation.

These approvals come one year after the MAGIC PDM-IXx12/T and PDM-IXx18/T dual motion detectors were launched in order to offer reliable detection of intruders and high false alarm immunity. Their performance is based on an improved version of Vanderbilt’s Matchtec algorithm, which combines passive infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW) channels to make accurate decisions on motion within a detection zone. The detectors are suitable for both home and commercial environments and perform well even under harsh conditions, such as in rooms with rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations that can create false alarms.

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