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Royal Spa Centre upgrades FD&A system

by Andy Clutton

Gent TheatreGent by Honeywell has installed S-Quad Visual Alarm Devices (VADs) in Leamington Spa’s entertainment venue, the Royal Spa Centre. The theatre and cinema, owned by Warwick District Council, recently upgraded its entire fire detection and alarm (FD&A) system to an integrated Gent Vigilon Compact solution, that incorporates more than 50 S-Quad VADs throughout the multi-use building.

Warwick Council had expressed interest in the use of the technology during the initial meetings with system integrator, Fire Safe Services.

Steven Dowell, Fire Safe Services said: “The existing FD&A system had a three minute delay utilising beacon only devices. As the Royal Spa Centre is a public building that is in continuous use, Warwick Council felt it was important to use the latest visual alarm technology to protect the hundreds of visitors, its employees and the historic building.

“The solution we installed incorporated Gent’s S-Quad VADs with voice sounders and we programmed the system to keep the three minute delay. During the first alert, the specific solution was set to trigger key individual beacons throughout the building to act as a staff alert. After the three minute delay, or in the event of a second device being activated, the system was then programmed to give a full evacuation signal, so all of the VADs will activate and the sounders would be used to advise occupants to leave the building.”

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