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Speed gates installed at Tesco Mobile Head Office

by Andy Clutton

Tesco Mobile Head Office in Slough was looking for a solution to manage access control because the front reception area of the building is shared access for all of the building occupants. Tesco needed to control the flow of staff and visitors entering and exiting their offices and allow staff and guests easy access beyond the reception area but prevent other people from accessing the area without authorisation. As an extra provision, a second level of security after the reception area was required to ensure only authorised personnel had access to the Tesco’s main office area.

The solution was to install BFT Automation pedestrian speed gates to manage the flow of people with One Tech undertaking the installation project.

For the main entrance BFT supplied PG300 pedestrian speed gates with a 900mm lane/600mm lane combination and for the two side entrances 900mm standalone lanes were supplied. The two-lane system was placed in the main reception area, whilst the two single-lane speed gates were located directly into the Tesco office at two different points, to provide an additional layer of security.

This was a custom installation project which required the speed gates to be positioned in the centre of the reception area. The cables were fitted under the flooring and raised walkways to reach from the edge of the room to the speed gates in the centre. A fitted glass linked the speed gates to the walls, cutting off other access points and making the speed gates the only entry and exit point. One Tech installed a standard width lane and a wider speed lane for improved access which also accommodates wheelchair users.

The PG300 gates were fitted with double height glass panels made with a safe transparent tempered glass. The pedestrian speed gates were additionally fitted with a swipe card system for access control, so that members of staff could enter or exit freely.

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