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Paxton announces installer sales courses

by Andy Clutton

Sales trainingFollowing the announcement of Paxton’s building intelligence system net10 earlier this year, the company has introduced a new series of free interactive sales seminars to help installers realise business opportunities and maximise their sales of the system.

The half-day training session is aimed at helping installers to identify and provide a complete solution to fit their customers’ needs. Participants will receive a net10 product demo, and advice on how to add value to their sales pitch and secure the job by presenting their quote in the most effective way possible. The seminar will run on a number of dates at locations across the UK, making it convenient to attend.

Gareth O’Hara, Sales and Marketing Director says: “We want to fully support our installers in every way possible, to ensure they understand everything net10 offers and the business opportunities available. We’ve received an extremely positive response to the launch of net10 and are delighted with the sign up to the technical training. We hope the sales seminars will be equally well received and beneficial for attendees.”

The dates include:

13.10.2015, Carlisle

13.10.2015, Manchester North

13.10.2015, Basingstoke

13.10.2015, Poole

13.10.2015, Dublin

13.10.2015, Norwich

15.10.2015, Manchester South

15.10.2015, Epping Forest

15.10.2015, Newcastle

15.10.2015, Taunton

15.10.2015, Chester

20.10.2015, Blackburn

20.10.2015, Heathrow

20.10.2015, Dundee

20.10.2015, Galway

20.10.2015, Gloucester

20.10.2015, Colchester

22.10.2015, Sheffield

22.10.2015, Brighton

22.10.2015, Middlesbrough

22.10.2015, Cork

22.10.2015, Oxford

22.10.2015, Harlow

27.10.2015, Edinburgh

29.10.2015, Hull

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