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Monitor for more than retail security

by Andy Clutton

IPVM Series 02VCA has introduced a public view monitor, IPVM, designed to help retailers achieve more than just deter would-be thieves. The system takes advantage of high definition camera technology, supported by facial detection software, to record the faces of everyone entering a store. The face images captured by the built-in full HD camera which is discretely located within the IPVM’s housing, can be used to verify where individuals have been within the store

With its people counting and tracking capabilities, the analytics can be utilised to produce heat maps as well as data on how long each customer dwells in specific areas of a store or how long they have queued when used in conjunction with its Ucountit cloud based software. It reportedly provides a multi-purpose business intelligence tool offering ROI when installed at individual shopping aisles, as well as at store entrances.

“Retailers have long understood the value of positioning a public view monitor at a store entrance to make shoplifters aware that they are on camera,” said Kevin Waterhouse, Executive Vice President, Global Sales for VCA. “Our IPVM takes this concept to a much higher level, with built in powerful analytics to allow store management and marketing personnel to gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour.”

The IPVM is supported by uCountit, VCA’s cloud based analytics reporting solution that can be accessed via a web browser. Using the built in camera and analytics, areas of particular interest can be set up as zones or tripwires and when events occur, the images can be recorded and or sent to a mobile for instant review. In addition, when an event does take place the monitor can instantly switch into live mode to show the real time activity.

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