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Lawyer eats evidence on CCTV

by Andy Clutton

[youtube height=”500″ width=”820″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA8I8NkCjv0[/youtube]

In this footage from cameras in Kyzyl in central Russia’s Republic of Tuva, a lawyer, who has not yet been named, is seen studying papers in the office of a judge relating to a client who had been accused of causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol.

It has been reported that he first tries to hide the breathalyser report revealing the level of alcohol in his client’s blood in his briefcase only to then go the whole hog and eat it. Local media has said he managed to eliminate the most important piece of evidence in the case while the judge and her secretary were out of the office.

According to coverage in the Daily Mail, when the judge’s secretary returned, the lawyer told her the report was missing and that without it, there was no evidence against his client. The secretary started to look for the missing report, then called for the guard, suspecting the lawyer had stolen the evidence. The truth was revealed only when she studied the CCTV footage.

The lawyer now faces up to two years in prison or a 200,000 roubles (£2,000) fine.

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