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Domestic burglary statistics show trends

by Andy Clutton

Domestic-Burglary-2MCM Security has designed an infographic which looks at the statistics surrounding domestic burglary across the world.

Covering topics such as the demographic of the average burglar and the most commonly stolen items the graphic also covers the rates of crime across the continent and breaks each country down to give an overall picture of how the trends vary.

Commenting on the findings Kevin Maguire of MCM Security said: “The rate of domestic burglaries has been decreasing in Europe since 2002 and while one burglary a minute still occurs in the UK, this is significantly less than in the United States where four burglaries occur every minute.”

In 2003 in the UK and Wales, there were 402,345 domestic burglaries according to Eurostat police recorded crimes. A decade later in 2012, that figure had decreased to 227,280, in line with the decreases seen in the rest of Europe.

“MCM Security is based in Ireland which tells a different story, Said Kevin. “According to Eurostat, the police recorded figure for domestic burglary in Ireland in 2003 was 16,436 and while this is significantly less that the UK and Wales, what has been found a decade later in 2012 is that domestic burglary in Ireland has actually increased to 27, 837 which is at odds with the European decrease overall.”

The infographic can be viewed at www.mcmsecurity.com/images/Domestic-Burglary-Statistics-Infographic.jpg

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