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College replaces its analogue CCTV system

by Andy Clutton

St Hildas pic 2Evolution is helping to protect students, staff and visitors at St Hilda’s, one of Oxford University’s leading Colleges.

Tom Anstey, the Head of IT at the College, is repsonsible for managing security: “We were looking to replace our existing analogue CCTV system with a more comprehensive IP-based solution with integrated access control,” he explains. “Of course we wanted to protect our students and buildings from unwanted intruders, but we also wanted a system that was unobtrusive, and left us in control.

Evolution proposed using the Tyco C-Cure 9000 security management system with integrated IP video surveillance from Exacq. A key requirement was that the door controllers, cameras and NVRs had to be capable of operating over the existing College network. Evolution used IP Megapixel cameras and PoE iStar Edge door controllers to complete a successful installation. Some existing cameras, which were already IP-based, were also integrated with the ‘new’ system to protect the legacy investment.

Crucially, the new access system is able to integrate with the College students’ existing ID cards, which now double as access cards as required. Temporary cards can also be produced for visitors, which Tom sees as a significant benefit: “We host regular events, including concerts, and it is important that our visitors feel welcome,” he adds.

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