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CCTV combats false injury claims

by Andy Clutton

017Hadrian Technology has installed a CCTV system for an Irish retail distribution centre to combat false injury claims which has paid for itself within six months. The installer designed 128 new cameras for the retail distribution centre to help management protect themselves against ‘slip and trip’ claims.

Hadrian Technology used HD-SDI cameras from Videcon’s Concept Pro range in the distribution centre system.  In addition, using existing analogue cables for the installation meant there was no need for disruption with building work to lay down new networks.

The HD-SDI camera footage can also be set up so that images can be accessed remotely via a mobile device, such as a tablet, mobile phone or laptop.  No-go zones, motion tracking where cameras lock on to a subject, and a movement sensor that alerts users to unusual activity are other features of the system.

Gary Trotter, general manager at Hadrian Technology said: “Accident claims come up time and time again in places of work. Our systems act as deterrents and give companies clear, visual evidence when allegations are raised by employees or customers. In cases like this CCTV is a really useful tool – we hope we can help other businesses combat these issues.”

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