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Biometric kit for the whole installation

by Andy Clutton

Videx Biometric AccessVidex has launched a biometric access control kit, the FPK1, which is a standalone kit including everything needed for a simple, easy to install system for up to 50 people using finger print recognition to control access. The system is listed as ideal for effective access control within buildings such as schools, hospitals, medical facilities and sheltered accommodation.

Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager, Videx said: “There are three means of authentication when controlling access: something you know, such as a PIN code entered at a coded entry keypad, something you have, such as a proximity card or fob and something you are, which is unique to your person such as a finger print. When it comes to access control, a fingerprint is the most secure means of authentication because PIN numbers can be discovered and fobs or tokens can be lost, copied or shared among people.”

Neil continued: “There are several types of finger print systems currently available in the market. However, very few are easy to install and program. This is why the simple numeric keypad to manage users makes the FPK1 range an ideal and attractive solution for small premises with fewer than 50 users. It provides a simple and secure upgrade for coded entry or proximity fob systems and no PC is required so installation and programming is easy.”

Such systems are also ideal for where individual access management is a priority such as membership schemes within gyms, libraries, leisure facilities and caravan parks. The FPK1 system also enables controlled entry to residential properties as well as security for commercial premises where access for staff and visitors is managed.

Neil added: “Many installers or engineers might already have tried coded entry keypads or proximity systems but have not yet had the confidence or opportunity to install finger print access control systems. With this kit, they will find installation a simple process with minimal time spent understanding the technology. The convenience of fingerprint readers is obvious to anyone who accesses a secure area regularly. With fingerprint access control systems, the ability to replace PIN numbers and proximity fobs allows for a more secure solution without always having to remember your password and never having the inconvenience of losing your fob or magnetic key card.”

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