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Video verification combined with intruder solution

by Andy Clutton

Risco Video VeridficationRisco Group has released VUpoint, a video verification solution that integrates with Risco security systems to provide a combined intruder detection and video verification solution. Utilising IP cameras and cloud connectivity, the VUpoint solution is designed for use within Risco’s Agility 3 and LightSYS 2 intrusion systems. The addition of VUpoint ‘video-on-demand’ capability enables users to view their homes or businesses.

In addition to providing unlimited real-time ‘live’ video surveillance on demand, VUpoint video enabled intrusion systems also provide video clips of up to 30 seconds in length and/or snapshots in response to an alarm trigger (from an intrusion or safety alert).

The video clips and streaming video snapshots can be viewed via Risco’s iRISCO smartphone app, enabling users to visually verify if an activation poses a real threat, or is simply a false alarm. The app can also be configured to call a local police station or a security service provider should the footage reveal an intrusion.

“Using simple plug and play IP cameras, the VUpoint solution can provide installers and users with a powerful combination of intruder detection and video verification,” says Steve Riley, Commercial Director of RISCO Group UK & Ireland.

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