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Wireless IP partnership announced

by Andy Clutton

SilverNet wireless network links 2IDIS has formed a technology partnership with SilverNet so that customers can utilise SilverNet’s products to deliver wirelessly networked DirectIP surveillance solutions to deliver cost savings.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with SilverNet who share our view that a seamless integrated solution is a key factor in ensuring that our mutual clients can achieve the maximum return on their investment in a video surveillance system,” said Jamie Barnfield, Senior Sales Manager at IDIS Europe.

“IDIS and SilverNet’s technical teams have successfully cooperated to ensure compatibility between our two company’s respective products. This has resulted in an immediate benefit to our clients who are specifying SilverNet systems because they wish to take advantage of the costs savings that can be achieved by a wireless networking solution.”

Utilising a wireless network as a method of transmitting video and data can result in savings compared to the cost of traditional cabling methods or leased lines, and as such offers a cost-effective option for businesses and organisations that are looking at ways to reduce their ongoing infrastructure costs.

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