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VCA Technology forms partnership with CPRO

by Andy Clutton

VCA Technology has announced a strategic partnership with camera manufacturer CPRO to integrate its AI-driven security surveillance and analytics solutions. This collaboration brings to market a range of analytics cameras as well as complementary servers, appliances and cloud-based analytics software.

The agreement enables both organisations to offer solutions to facilitate video monitoring and threat detection for businesses across a range of industry sectors. The new cameras will enable greater efficiency by reducing set up time thanks to simplified configuration and will leverage AI-powered deep learning in order to increase quality of image analysis, drive precision in detection and minimise false alarms.

“This partnership signals our ambition to significantly grow our business in a fiercely competitive market through our new Secubest VCA brand of products. With a growing demand and need for intelligent analytics which drive value across all areas of the business, this agreement gives our customers that extra edge in terms of security provision” said YS Lee, CEO of CPRO.

Equally, CPRO will benefit from VCA’s expertise in video analytics and solutions, with over 450,000 active channels globally. It will leverage VCA’s edge video technology and cloud-based AI detection capabilities to launch the Secubest product line in Europe for the first time.

Kevin Waterhouse, Managing Director of VCA said: “Partnering with CPRO not only means working with another major player in the CCTV industry but also strengthens our position as a provider of analytics at the edge. From a security standpoint, customers will be able to effectively protect external boundaries from potential threats and use calibration to avoid false alarms – typically triggered by wildlife in rural areas, and by high footfall in urban locations. Businesses in the retail sector will be able to track conversion, analyse store traffic by area to improve product displays, and monitor till queues to optimise staff. Finally, in the field of transport, the new solutions can help manage traffic flow and ensure real time alerts for accidents, detect illegal activity, and count vehicles transiting to maximise car park capacity.”

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