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Stanley launches new UK Dealer Programme

by Andy Clutton

Stanley Security has launched a new Dealer Programme aimed at independent installers looking to expand their businesses without the risks associated with rapid growth.

According to the company, the Programme is aimed at providing installers with benefits that come from being associated with a global brand, backed up by national security infrastructure and expertise, whilst maintaining their independence. The Programme will enable partners to capture new growth opportunities in both commercial and residential security by helping them stand out in the market place and by providing their customers with a wide range of security solutions and services.

Under the Dealer Programme, partners would continue to work with their customers as before, but with Stanley Security supporting them and providing the customer after-sales and service support.  In other words, the dealer makes the sale, supplies and installs the equipment. Stanley Security buys the service contract from the dealer and pays multiples based on the terms of the contract.

Dan Hindley, Stanley Security UK Channel Manager said:  “Independent security companies continue to use their skills in sales and installation, but with the added advantage of our expertise in designing, delivering and servicing security solutions. They get to fast track their business without the pain points and we have the benefit of extending our customer reach.”

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