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Partizan and Satel integrate technologies

by Andy Clutton

Following the joint work of specialists at both companies, from Autumn 2021 Satel equipment can be managed in Partizan mobile applications. In particular, the function of combining devices into groups is available, full and partial arming, receiving notifications about alarms and events, control of entries at the facility.

This opens up new possibilities for installers and their customers. In fact, say the companies, the integration makes it possible to create a modern multifunctional security system under the general remote control of one smartphone.

Partizan and Satel see the integration as an important step in the development of both brands and intend to continue cooperation in the future.

“Thanks to such integrations, professional security systems are getting closer to a consumer,” says Dmitry Danilchenko, CEO of Partizan Security. “This is great, as it expands opportunities for both businesses and end users. Such collaborations are like a puzzle; individually its parts are good, but together they become even better. We can say for sure that our “puzzle” with Satel has successfully come together.”

Grzegorz Rutkowski, Satel Board Member commented: “Nowadays, security systems need to be as versatile as it is technologically possible. Integrating our own solutions with those offered by other companies makes it easier for consumers to effectively manage and control their security systems. Customer experience is a crucial issue for us, and we’re glad to say our partnership with Partizan Security will surely be a benefit to all those who seek to make their home or businesses more secure.”

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