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Norbain announces the Nauta PSIM solution

by Andy Clutton

nauta_screensLaunched recently, Nauta, from Norbain Portugal, is described as a simple solution to manage all the information of physical security, energy and operations systems in one place. The system concentrates all the data needed for the management of modern buildings in a single platform and also provides operations (visitor management, patrols, people counting, distributed sound) and energy (building automation, AVACs and energetic efficiency) management functionalities, which increases productivity and efficiency.

According to the company, because Nauta is a collaborative platform, it allows its operators to act according to predefined rules and solve every event quickly and efficiently. The technology is a web based application with a mobile version, which has reduced requirements for configuration and maintenance by the customer and is  customisable. This is a multi-language system, compatible with a wide range of equipment and brands. It was designed to make the most of the industry’s current standards regarding the integration of equipment and installations, allowing a permanent and optimised evolution for each installation.

With a team dedicated to these solutions, Nauta is able to integrate equipment and/or software in its platform with customised development, an open API for a fast integration and privileged contact with brands and manufacturers such as Bosch, Samsung, Sony, Vanderbilt Industries.

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