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New thermal camera series from Hikvision

by Andy Clutton

Hikvision has launched HeatPro, a thermal series of cameras designed to provide affordable all-weather deterrent and alerts. HeatPro cameras are especially aimed at perimeter protection and fire prevention applications.

The HeatPro Series Cameras feature deep-learning thermal video analytics for perimeter protection, and object temperature measurement and fire detection with real-time alarms. Features like human/vehicle classification, visual and auditory alarms for perimeter protection, and  temperature exception alarms for fire prevention make them ideal for SMB (small and midsize business) applications.

The cameras focus on short-range perimeter protection (0-50meters), where they deliver target detection and classification. The use of AI means that the cameras can distinguish between a person and a vehicle. This comes in especially useful when the two targets are close together. Traditionally, these would be recognised as a single ‘target’, but intelligent algorithms mean that they can be detected separately, increasing accuracy.

The HeatPro Series is also designed to be quickly installed, with a three-step deployment, bringing setup time reportedly down to 30 seconds.

The new HeatPro Series is a featured topic at Hikvision’s April Insight online events. The HeatPro session takes place on April 28 at 10am BST, and will include an introduction to the new cameras and a live demonstration of their capabilities. Click here to find out more about Hikvision Insight this April, and click here to register for the HeatPro event.


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