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Ignus Fire Services deploys vehicle telematics

by Andy Clutton

Ignus Fire Services has deployed vehicle telematics technology to live track its mobile engineers. The system from Kinesis allows jobs to be allocated as they come in for the scheduling of resources which is helping to improve response times and operational efficiency. Traffic updates and live Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculations are also helping Ignus with more informed and timely communications.

“Without being overly dramatic having the correct fire protection system at your home and work is all about life and death and the extra time a correctly installed and serviced sprinkler system gives you and your family can save lives,” commented Alex Pretlove, Managing Director of Ignus Fire Services. “Now I am not saying that punctuality of our service engineers is quite as crucial but it is important to our customers and therefore to us.

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“Since installing Kinesis vehicle tracking we have improved the overall efficiency of our mobile operation with engineers spending less time travelling between jobs and more time keeping our clients safe. We have also improved our customer communications with accurate ETAs and real time updates.”

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