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Government approves apprentice plan

by Andy Clutton

30608287The government has approved the Assessment Plan for the Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Apprenticeship. The Plan sets out how fire, emergency and security systems apprentices will be assessed, and details the apprenticeship’s synoptic end point assessment, which will be taken by the apprentice in the final three months of their apprenticeship.

Pat Allen, Director of Abel Alarm and lead employer on the Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Trailblazer group, said: “I’m delighted that the government has approved the Assessment Plan, and in doing so have enabled our industry to complete the final step towards having a structured apprenticeship – something we have needed for many years – that fits the needs of employers and their businesses.”

Steve Martin, Head of the Fire and Security Association (FSA), has also welcomed the news: “The government’s approval of the Assessment Plan is the final step towards our industry having an apprenticeship that is tailored to the needs of employers, and that reflects what our industry is – a specialist engineering discipline. It means we now have a means of recruiting high calibre individuals at entry level and offer them a structured training programme, something which will help our succession planning and our efforts to develop the industry’s future skills base. For too long our industry has relied on others to train people at entry level who we have then migrated across, but now we are in a position to develop our own pipeline of talent and offer those seeking to join our industry at entry level the opportunity to do so.”

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