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What are you worth in the industry?

by Andy Clutton

CentosalaryguideCento Fire & Security Jobs has launched a free to use salary comparison website for fire and security professionals. The Cento Salary Guide site provides the latest salary information for a variety of UK-based roles including engineering, management and sales positions.  Users anonymously fill in their own information to gain free access to the latest market wage analysis, including averages for their specific role as well as other positions in the sector if they wish to compare rates.

The guide has been created by Cento Fire & Security Jobs to benefit both employers and employees. In order to ensure that employees are paid fairly, employers using the system can track current industry averages for instant application to their businesses.  If employees know they are being paid the industry average (or indeed above it), this could significantly boost staff retention, employee motivation, and overall job satisfaction.

The Salary Guide offers employees access to valuable information that would usually be extremely difficult to obtain. Users can compare salary rates by sector and job title as well as gaining insights into regional variations.  This information can be used during negotiations in the job hunting process or to encourage a career move or progression.

Brett Ennals, CEO of Cento Fire &Security Jobs, said: “The Cento Salary Guide is more than just a website that provides earned income information. It exists to provide key industry analysis, highlighting trends that will impact both employers and employees.”

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