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How secure are your vans and tools?

by Andy Clutton

According to reports, last year saw vehicle thefts rise by 50% in the UK and again by a further 20% so far this year – the highest level in four years. The cost of a lost or damaged vehicle can quickly mount up for any business owner, not only due to the replacement of the vehicle, but also the effect of doing business with a reduced fleet. With thefts on the rise, business owners are quickly realising that securing their fleet and its contents can be imperative to the operational stability of their businesses.

Yet the RAC reported that only 42% of new vans are produced with an alarm fitted as standard, with 5.5% not even having the capability to have one fitted.

ArmaDLock from Mul-T-Lok has been designed to fortify the security of commercial vehicles, in particular, those carrying goods and equipment. Simple to use and install, ArmaDLock fits almost any type of vehicle door, both rear and sliding. Quality is also of paramount importance when it comes to automotive security protection. Many factors such as wet weather and road gritting during the icy months can get into vehicle locking mechanisms causing rusting, damage and failure, but Mul-T-Lock products are developed to withstand these conditions.

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