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Pyronix announces eight zone expander

by Andy Clutton

Pyronix has announced the release of its ZEM8/E+P-BOX, an RS485 expander that adds eight zones to any expandable Pyronix wired or hybrid system.

Pyronix Marketing Director, Laurence Kenny, said: “We’re pleased to introduce the ZEM8/E+P-BOX to the market; bringing a sleek and modern design to panel zone expansion with optimised installation.”

The PCB features a reset button to allow jumper header address changes while the system is powered on. This is useful for changing the address of an expander, whilst the system is powered on. Simply address the expander, then press the reset button.

Installation has also been optimised on the ZEM8/E+P-BOX, with keyhole and slotted mounting holes featured on the back for easier levelling, while four cable tie anchorage points allow for easier cable management and a neater finish. The P-BOX also has front and rear tamper protection.

The standard back box mounting is also advantageous in new house builds or restorations, where the cables can be routed into a back box and protected while the room is plastered. Fixing these cables before plastering, provides a neater installation and protection to cabling during the first fix stage.

The ZEM8/E+P-BOX also features additional 12V terminals; allowing installers to distribute the AUX power cables and prevent overcrowding of the terminals.

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