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How the Cloud is Transforming Security

by PSI Magazine

Perhaps you’ve heard of this nebulous software “thing” called the cloud. You use it to backup and store your photos, access new music, or stream your favorite movies.

But what is it really? And what is it doing for the physical security industry? Well, that’s a little bit different depending on who you are.

What is the Cloud?

Essentially, cloud computing is the delivery of hosted services, such as software applications, over the internet. In the early days of computing, services were hosted locally on individual devices, such as computer hard drives or security panels. They could only be accessed from that single piece of hardware.

So how is cloud computing revolutionary? The rise of internet hosted applications means that those applications, and the data trail they create, can now be accessed from anywhere. This anywhere, anytime connectivity is changing the security paradigm.

How the Cloud Enhances Physical Security

Cloud security applications are transformative for businesses, enabling smart buildings with remote access control and sophisticated 24/7 monitoring. The granting and revoking of access can now be done instantly from anywhere; each individual does not need to be escorted personally.

Cloud also allows for complex video analytics, which can detect, track and classify the behaviors of people and vehicles on the premises. Push notifications can alert you to suspicious behaviors so that security management can intervene before situations become dangerous.

Additionally, cloud-based systems can provide greater insight into day-to-day activity, such as when and where employees or vendors have accessed certain spaces, or even if a door was left open.

How the Cloud Helps Security Dealers

For security dealers, the power of the cloud is all about account insights. Data from internet-connected security systems can now be accessed remotely, allowing for quick identification of customer issues on individual accounts. Some issues can even be handled remotely, which can help security dealers avoid service calls.

Additionally, cloud is enabling business growth and customer loyalty by allowing dealers to identify customers that aren’t subscribed to but might benefit from certain services, or who don’t have certain peripherals installed but are capable of adding them.


Honeywell Security Solutions

For the physical security industry, this little thing called cloud turns out to be a pretty big deal. You can learn more about our cloud-based security solutions by visiting our website.

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