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How does multi-subscription work?

by Andy Clutton

Ajax security systems has upgraded its technology with multi-subscription functionality, which means that now one hub can be monitored by several companies, but what is multi-subscription and how does it help security departments effectively monitor the work of service providers?

If a company has twelve properties located in five cities, each facility is connected to the closest monitoring centre. In total, four monitoring companies are involved for security, two contractors for the installation and maintenance of security equipment, and a corporate security department, which is aware of what is happening at all facilities. Thanks to multi-subscription, each contractor effectively performs their function with no wasted time and unnecessary communication. Security events and alarms are transmitted simultaneously to all recipients.

The security department controls:

  • Work process — changes of security mode (by whom and when), employees’ access to specific premises, and viewing streams from surveillance cameras.
  • Equipment operation — detectors status, failure notifications, and service quality of the installation company.
  • Alarm handling — reaction to intrusion, fires and leaks, service quality of monitoring companies.

Multi-subscription has been implemented thanks to the cloud. The cloud server receives alarms and events from Ajax security systems, concurrently transmitting them to the addressees: monitoring software and users’ mobile apps.

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