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OSS Association for open standards founded

by Andy Clutton

OSONedap has co-founded the Open Security Standard (OSS) Association which is focused on developing open security standards and also includes ACS, Assa Abloy, Datasec, Deister, dorma+kaba group, primion, Uhlmann & Zacher and Zugang GmbH.

The OSS’s first focus is to develop a standard for offline locks, called the OSS Standard Offline. It is an open interoperability standard for ‘Data on Card’ offline access control systems. The purpose of the Standard Offline is to ensure that customers can seamlessly combine the online and offline components of their own choice in one integrated access control solution.

There are many different offline electronic locks available on the market. Offline locks are not connected by a cable to an access control system, but work autonomously, powered on a battery. Access rights are read from a compatible card, written by an access control system which instructs a lock to be unlocked or locked accordingly.

Until recently, each offline lock and access control manufacturer had its own approach to reading and writing cards. With the OSS Standard Offline, locks from different manufacturers read and interpret the access rights from a card in a uniformed way. Customers installing offline locks into access control systems with OSS Standard Offline compatibility are guaranteed interoperability.

The OSS Standard Offline is compatible with the SOAA Standard.

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