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An IK10 rated camera for 360° visibility

by Andy Clutton

GBDewarpingGeutebrück’s G-Cam EHC 3285 360° IP IK10 and IP66 rated camera provides optimal protection against vandalism and other external factors. Due to its dewarping function (converting the 360° image to an intelligible panoramic image) the user sees “straightened” images in the live stream as well as in recorded images.

The 360° image can be converted into up to four “straightened” image areas. Dewarping not only makes the evaluation of the image more comfortable, it makes it faster and more secure as well. The virtual pan-tilt function improves upon operator comfort and convenience, and with no wear.

The discrete 6 megapixel IP camera is suitable for ambient temperatures from +50 to -10 °C. It features integrated IR-LED illumination and has a frame rate of up to 25 fps with H.264 transmission, in conjunction with the 1/1.8″ CMOS image sensor with progressive scan. There is also an option for local or decentralised power supply via PoE.

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