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Thermal camera range with AI advantages

by Andy Clutton

The TNM-C3622TDR

Hanwha Vision has unveiled its new bi-spectrum radiometric thermal AI cameras. The TNM-C3620TDR/C3622TDR cameras serve as compact indoor models and feature QVGA resolution on the thermal lens and 2MP on the visible sensor, while the TNM-C4940TDR/C4942TDR outdoor models combine VGA thermal and 4K video. The range is designed to deliver images in all lighting scenarios, with AI-powered analytics for object detection, and temperature monitoring between -20°C and 130°C.

The outdoor models are well suited to perimeter protection and can alert operators to potential boundary breaches. The thermal lens can identify potential perimeter breaches across sites by detecting body heat signature, while the visual lens identifies and classifies objects.

The cameras can also be used for traffic monitoring — alerting to stopped traffic that may signal a road accident or congestion.

The TNM-C3622TDR (indoor model) and TNM-C4942TDR (outdoor model) operate at 8fps on the thermal sensor and therefore are excluded from the Wassenaar Arrangement, an export control regime that governs sensitive goods including cameras with frame rates over 9fps. This makes exporting and importing them simpler and, as such, results in shorter lead times.

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