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ONVIF Plugfest tests conformant technology

by Andy Clutton

13th ODP Group PhotoONVIF, the standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products, hosted its 13th Developers’ Plugfest recently  at Dahua Technologies in Hangzhou, China. With multiple testings of ONVIF conformant conformant products, the Developers’ Plugfest included interoperability testing for the Release Candidates of Profile Q and Profile A, which are both scheduled for final release in 2016.

This Developers’ Plugfest gave member companies the opportunity to verify their products’ ONVIF interoperability with practical, hands-on testing. Tests included those with other manufacturers’ products and also user scenario testing to simulate real-world use of ONVIF’s profiles. The event drew 57 technical expert attendees from 25 companies from around the world and attendees logged more than 260 hours of total testing time during the three-day event, with all of ONVIF’s profiles tested for interoperability.

“The attendance at this Developers’ Plugfest was one of our largest yet,” said Canon’s Takahiro Iwasaki, Chairman of ONVIF’s Technical Services Committee Taskforce, Developers‘ Plugfest. “This is so gratifying to see, because the more members that are involved with ONVIF in a hands-on, collaborative way, the better and more effective ONVIF is as a whole. Every ONVIF member has the potential to make valuable contributions to ONVIF and its standards and it’s great to see that collaborative spirit in action at events like these.”

ONVIF held its first ever Client Test Tool Clinic at the gathering, which allowed client manufacturers to meet with the vendor for ONVIF’s Client Test Tool, in person and individually. In addition to the Release Candidates of Profile Q and Profile A, Profile S, for IP-based video systems; Profile C for IP-based access control; and Profile G for edge storage and retrieval were also tested at the Developers’ Plugfest.

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