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Honeywell Expert Highlights IoT Solutions at London Smart Buildings Show

by PSI Magazine

You get a call from one of your top tenants: “Our conference room is like a sauna and half of the lights are off! Our meeting starts in 10 minutes!” Seconds later, someone stops you in the hall, “Where is the new conference room? I can’t find it.” Before you finish responding, a text comes through from another tenant: “Please check the temp in the office near the stair. It’s too cold.” Office near the stair? That space is meant to be used as a cupboard not an office! It sounds like a disastrous day at work, but every one of these problems could be avoided with a connected building. 

A connected building benefits everyone from the owner, to the people who live and work there and beyond.  It’s not just about cost savings, it’s about comfort, security, and having spaces that work for you, not against you.  “There are clear benefits to this from a financial perspective for the company, but also for people who work or live within the building.” says Honeywell Digital Services leader Paul Mason.  “Employees who are more comfortable allows them a more satisfying building experience as they work, meaning an uptake in productivity levels.” 

Honeywell is the leading creator of IoT technologies that making buildings smarter, more efficient and provide the opportunity for greater return on investment.  Our experts are at the Smart Buildings Show at the Barbican London, November 7-8 giving hands-on experiences with our latest products and answering all your questions about connected buildings. 

Paul Mason will be speaking at the show on ‘Smart Buildings for Smart Businesses: Turning Buildings Into Operational Assets with IoT’. Find out more here. 

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