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Access control power outage concerns

by Andy Clutton

Recent news reports of power outages at a UK airport highlight the need for effective access control solutions that maintain security even when the power supply is disrupted says an industry expert.

Steve Wintle, Head of Critical Infrastructure at Abloy UK, explains: “We cannot stress enough the importance of building in security and safety resilience within national infrastructure, particularly when it comes to areas such as access control.

“Even in cases where emergency back-up energy supplies are available via generators, the resultant power surges can cause not only chaos in the short term, but also long-term damage too.

“When power is restored, singular or multiple surges can cause damage to the physical infrastructure, which can then require extensive repair by engineers to become operational again. However, there are solutions that remain operational even during these types of incidents.

“Airports are a vital part of our critical infrastructure, and service resilience is crucial. The recent power outages at a UK airport and the subsequent disruption have highlighted the need for better standards in security and access control provisions.

“With solutions available to mitigate risks and ensure continuation of services, now is the time to invest in effective reliable systems that are both scalable and flexible too.”

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