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4K CCTV camera installed at rugby fanzone

by Andy Clutton

Paul Angus and Kevin Bruce 1Universal Systems Solutions has been commissioned by Newcastle City Council to install a Sony ultra-HD 4K camera to provide CCTV coverage of the Fanzone at Newcastle’s Science Central.

The installation at the Fanzone has been commissioned to assist in managing public safety at the Science Central site, which has a capacity of 10,000. In addition, Universal Systems Solutions have provided two rapid deployment wireless CCTV cameras.

Kevin Bruce, Director of Universal Systems Solutions, stated: “We are thrilled to have negotiated the first ever installation of Sony 4K cameras as part of our ongoing work with Newcastle City Council. The technology we are using to cover the site will help in ensuring that public safety is of the highest levels during busy periods.”

Paul Angus, Community Safety Officer at Newcastle City Council commented: “It’s great to have Universal Systems Solutions as a North East based company providing support and safety to the Rugby World Cup Fanzone at such a busy time. We believe this latest, revolutionary technology, provided by Sony, will really help to improve safety and everyone’s overall experience of the Fanzone and are excited to be the first organisation to utilise it.”

Pictured: Paul Angus and Kevin Bruce

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