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Kent CCTV secures school perimeter and buildings

by Andy Clutton
L to R: Jason Crichlow, Managing Director, Kent CCTV and Umesh Chapaneri, Head of Technical Support Services, Lady Eleanor Holles School

L to R: Jason Crichlow, Managing Director, Kent CCTV and Umesh Chapaneri, Head of Technical Support Services, Lady Eleanor Holles School

Kent CCTV & Data has completed a project to secure the gates, buildings and assets of The Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton, near London. The integrator was called in by the school’s head of technical support services to help them tighten security at the start of a three-year multi-million pound building expansion and refurbishment project.

The school needed to prevent unauthorised access to the school’s construction area because of concern about theft of building materials. More surveillance coverage was also needed to cover the new building’s entrances, fire exits, ICT suites and access gates. A total of 22 new Axis cameras were selected, installed and networked by Kent CCTV with a view to covering all these areas.

AXIS P3365-V dome cameras were deployed inside, while AXIS P3365-VE cameras were positioned outside the new building’s entrances covering car parks to the front and playing fields to the rear. Cameras were also installed on the gate post and atop a 10-foot high CCTV pole to cover the vehicular and pedestrian gate nearest to the new building.

A total of 42 Axis cameras have been deployed by Kent CCTV to cover all other buildings and the other gate that is in use. AXIS P3346-VE Network Cameras cover external entrances, exits, driveways and side car parks. An AXIS P1347-E Network Camera covers the school’s main car park. AXIS P3346 and AXIS P3304 Network Cameras cover the corridors, entrances and exits of the original buildings.

Gate-fitted cameras were enhanced by uploading Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software into them and then integrating this with the gate controller and client software to enable pre-registered vehicles to pass through both gates without additional verification.

A total of 64 PoE Axis cameras are now deployed site-wide. All cameras are networked with two virtual servers which together hold 31 days of recorded images, currently requiring a maximum of 16 Terabytes (TB) of storage space. Milestone XProtect Enterprise 2014 manages and provides access to images which are viewed from the school receptionist’s desktop PC and from the head of technical support services’ workstation. Milestone Mobile extends access to images from cameras to the school’s caretaker who monitors the school outside teaching hours.

Jason Crichlow, managing director, Kent CCTV & Data Limited said: “It’s great to see that this school now feel completely secure. We’ve built them an IP video management platform which is future-proof, capable of being expanded by linking with new devices and systems. This means we can facilitate the introduction of new security functionality like biometric access control as budgets open up. The use of an open-architected IP video platform gives the school the peace of mind of knowing they have full security today and tomorrow.”

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