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Wireless devices protect construction site

by Andy Clutton

The construction site at Gamma Immobilien Dresden stores valuable equipment, machinery, and materials, all of which are attractive targets for thieves. Protecting these assets is paramount to avoid significant financial losses and construction delays. However, a large perimeter usually has lots of blind areas.

An Ajax solution was chosen for its coverage (up to 1,700 m) provided by Baseline products; wireless devices can be installed on large-scale sites, ensuring protection across the entire perimeter.

The Hub 2 (4G) Jeweller control panel supports photo verification and serves as a central security system component. Thanks to the Wings communication protocol, CMS operators and users see the first snapshot from the scene nine seconds after the alarm. The hub uses two independent SIM cards (2G, 3G, or LTE) from different providers for communication in any situation.

Buildings constructed from concrete and iron can hinder radio waves, potentially impacting the operation of a wireless security system. To prevent this, MS Alarmanlagen Dresden used the ReX 2 Jeweller radio signal range extenders, which also support photo verification. All the events are transmitted instantly, even despite the obstacles. Users and the monitoring station receive alarms in ten seconds.

The entire perimeter of the construction site is monitored by the DualCurtain Outdoor Jeweller detectors. Two independent optical systems with narrow viewing angles and flexible settings make it possible to accurately adjust the detection zone, excluding potential sources of false alarms.

The ELSA (Extended Live Signal Analysis) software responds to intruders, filtering out natural interferences. This is especially important at a construction site to prevent false alarms. Also, DualCurtain Outdoor Jeweller recognises attempts to block the view of the detector by painting over it, covering it, placing an obstacle in front of the lens, or otherwise.

MotionCam Outdoor Jeweller detectors provide an additional level of protection. These devices continuously monitor the interior site area, recognising intrusion from the very first steps on the territory and confirming it with an animated series of photos. Visual verification helps to instantly assess the situation, alleviating users’ concerns, and preventing security companies from unnecessary patrol dispatches.

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