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Texecom Cloud Services: putting installers in control

by PSI Magazine

We are currently testing an advanced cloud-based platform, Texecom Cloud Services, that enables security installers to manage multiple alarm systems from one simple interface, simultaneously.

As more users switch to the Texecom Connect platform, so the new cloud service gives installers enhanced control over their estate of alarm systems. It allows full management, similar to connections via the Wintex software package, but with simpler control and more access to Connect functionality.

With additional functionality for Texecom Connect also in the pipeline, the new cloud platform will make it much easier for installers to better deliver a high level of support to customers. Changes to system configurations can be made ‘on-the-fly’, meaning site visits can be minimised if the customer wishes to adjust certain system parameters.

The platform also simplifies the task of scheduling remote service visits as scheduled health checks allow the system to be interrogated remotely, delivering an accurate and comprehensive report in just a few minutes. These can be used for fault-finding, as well as identifying potential issues before they become a problem for the customer.

The cloud platform also allows installers to remotely configure a range of panel settings, including zones, areas, global settings, keypads, expanders, outputs, communications and users.

“It was important to the team at Texecom that the advanced features of our systems could be managed quickly and easily by our security installer customer-base,” says Clym Brown, Texecom’s Marketing Director. “As we have done with many of our innovations, our starting point in the development of Texecom Cloud Services was understanding the needs and requirements of our installation partners. We wanted to be certain that the cloud offering made their lives easier and ensured they could meet their own customers’ expectations.

“It is an accepted part of today’s evolving technological landscape that systems need to be resilient and robust, and by introducing automated health checks and the simpler remote servicing, the cloud service helps installers to run their businesses efficiently.”

The new cloud service is an important element in the future development of the Texecom Connect platform which, going forward, will help security installers to offer bespoke solutions, added value benefits and a more seamless experience to their customers.

Simple additions, like the ability to use templates to change settings across a number of panels, reduce the need for programming and save security installers time when dealing with customers with large estates of control panels.

The interface is clean, modern and intuitive, with navigation aided by a logical layout similar to many modern technology-based interfaces. Simple menus, clear icons and the use of breadcrumbs makes management a simple task. Security installers can also view all of their connections via an at-a-glance overview; this indicates in real-time if they have any systems which might require maintenance or remedial work, helping them to maintain the highest levels of customer service.

Another benefit of moving to Texecom Cloud Services is that security installers will have no longer have to manage multiple copies of software. As the platform is accessed via a standard web browser, any upgrades or software expansions will occur in the cloud, and so the interface will always be up to date whenever an installer logs in.


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