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Connection without complexities

by PSI Magazine

Does connectivity always have to be complicated? The Texecom Connect SmartCom is an Ethernet and Wi-Fi communicator that facilitates the Texecom Connect app experience by connecting any Premier Elite control panel to a local area network.

In today’s connected world your customers will be used to 24/7 remote access to a host of technologies and the ability to monitor and manage systems using personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. Security systems are also expected to be fully remotely accessible and many DIY systems are fully operated by mobile technology, but can professional systems also be managed by an app? And what about the complexities of always-on connectivity?

Texecom has two solutions that deal with these issues and both enhance the service you can offer your customers when specifying modern, professional alarm systems boasting simple set-up and user experience.


Texecom Connect V2

The Texecom Connect V2 app integrates with Texecom’s flagship security systems, the Premier Elite Series, to allow users to take direct control of their home and security. Using the app to control the operation of the security system, users receive notifications of system events and are able to monitor cameras or activity from anywhere in the world.

The app provides an environment where end users actively want to interact with their home, enjoy the new possibilities that are open to them and receive the peace of mind that comes with knowledge and control. It has been designed to allow end users access to an array of custom features, to tailor their app experience for their own personal and particular needs, without resorting to complicated programming.

Available on Android or iOS, Texecom Connect V2 also allows professional installers to manage their portfolio of app users directly from their Texecom Cloud account. You can add new users, migrate existing Texecom Connect users and manage your portfolio from the convenience of a single app and what’s more, with a free Texecom Cloud membership tier and free Texecom Connect app management contract, Texecom Connect V2 remains completely free of charge.


SmartCom and SmartCom 4G

Communicating exclusively using outbound connections, the Texecom Connect SmartCom removes the need to open any router ports, ensuring simplicity of installation and maximum security. As such, any installation that has a reliable internet connection can benefit from Texecom Connect with the addition of the Texecom Connect SmartCom.

Texecom’s new SmartCom 4G system adds new connectivity options for Premier Elite systems improving connection reliability. Providing access to Texecom Cloud and Texecom Connect services via single path (4G) or dual path (4G plus Ethernet or Wi-Fi), the SmartCom 4G is always on, always ready, and always available.


Key application benefits include:

  • Single path 4G can be used without any additional network infrastructure which is perfect for new commercial installations where IT networks are not yet operational
  • Completely wire-free installations are perfect for remote sites or outbuildings, or where there are no local internet options available
  • Dual path 4G plus Ethernet or Wi-Fi provides best of both worlds
  • 4G backup provides continuity in the event of power failure, local network availability or ISP issues


How to get connected

The Texecom Connect app V2 will require installers to have an active Texecom Cloud account. If you haven’t already, sign up your company for a Texecom Cloud account via the website where you can pick up all of the information you’ll need to get started.

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