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Tether Technology partners with DeepAlert

by Andy Clutton

Tether Technology has partnered with DeepAlert to bring artificial intelligence to its range of CCTV cloud technology which integrates all surveillance devices across multiple sites with cloud analytics to visually interpret events.

The Tether platform brings all physical security devices into a single visual dashboard. The system automatically detects and manages all cameras connected to the Local Area Network, stores images from selected cameras and provides a secure VPN to the cloud platform.

Tether is non-proprietary with an open API platform and will integrate with any other security device it comes across.

DeepAlert adds to Tether’s system by bringing AI to the UK surveillance market, changing how people can monitor and manage their environments. With traditional video analytics alarms may be triggered by foliage blowing in the wind, pets, or authorised people on the scene. Object identification is critical in reducing the number of false alarms.

DeepAlert makes use of both motion triggers and object detection using deep learning models

using neural network technology to process and determine whether the video image matches known classes of objects which it has been trained to identify.  It is this deep learning process that ensures the accuracy of object detection, even under low light conditions, poor weather and from practically any camera stream, including Infrared and thermal cameras. Continuous training of the system improves detection even further over time.

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