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by Andy Clutton

The CSL Router sends data via a 4G SIM, providing an encrypted connection to the internet on sites where wired broadband is unavailable, impractical or slow. The 4G back-up option upgrades an existing broadband service to a private network, providing a reliable failover business solution if the wired broadband goes down.

Getting started

The information provided with the unit provides details how the transmission operates between site and viewing platform, what can be connected and what the encryption level of the transmission path is. The IP information for the unit (Fixed and Forwarding IP addresses) are given, as well as a Cisco AnyConnect Client Login.

CSL has opted for a “Plug and Play” set up, and that what they have achieved, to the point that an unexperienced, non-technical end user would be able to install the router with ease – granted technical knowledge would be required to set up the products connected to the router.


CSL provide varied plans for purchasing and data subscription to allow a tailored approach to each application. The device can be utilised as a back-up connection if the client already has a reliable internet connection, or it can be used as the dedicated transmission path. There are no overage charges for this product, so if you are over using the data allowance on your plan, rather than being charged for the extra usage CSL will contact and recommend a change in subscription plan – offering a fair usage model.

The unit can be purchased with either a Dual 4G Sim or Single 4G Sim depending on the need of the client, with accessories available such as WiFi adapters to allow for wireless connection to the router.

Read the full review in the April 2022 edition of PSI magazine

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