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Recorders provide extra protection

by Andy Clutton

TeleeyeGX680aTeleEye has announced the launch of the TeleEye GX680 Series of 4-, 9- and 16- channel digital video recorders, which are designed for recording and securing video data captured from TeleEye network cameras and other ONVIF Profile S cameras.

The GX680 Series has incorporated the TeleEye HD SMAC- M multi stream video coder with four independent video streams allowing simultaneous HD video recording at a maximum resolution of 1080p. This is made possible by compressing the HD video to a smaller size of up to 50% less compared to a H.264 video coder, leading to faster transmission via different network environments, smoother video streaming, occupying less storage resources, and allowing longer recording time simultaneously.

The GX680 Series is not only able to enhance the security level of all TeleEye IP cameras but also for other IP cameras in compliance with ONVIF Profile S standards. The GX recorder has the ability to completely separate the video network from an IP network. Meanwhile, it provides extra protection for the video data during internet transmission, so that hackers are not able to decode the data streams.

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