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Partnership for Securi-Guard and Blackline

by Andy Clutton

Securi-GSecuri-Guard has agreed a new business partnership with a manufacturer of lone worker protection devices that have recently been introduced into UK. The Plymouth-based company has been selected as sole UK monitoring provider for Blackline GPS Europe and will provide 24/7 responses to alerts generated by the devices, designed to protect workers who face potential dangers in their daily work routine.

The devices use Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology to give an  accurate location of the worker and feature a panic button if they are in danger of attack or injure themselves working in remote locations, together with man down, no motion, silent (discrete) and check-in alarm features.

As part of the contract, Securi-Guard will also be able to provide advice, support and monitoring solutions for Blackline across Europe via its Securi-Track service, which works with approved security firms to provide a European Police Response Service to incidents of vehicle theft and hijacking abroad. Now the same platform will be used to support the round the clock monitoring of Blackline GPS Europe’s range of lone worker protection devices.

Pete Stanley Head of Telematics at Securi-Guard said that Blackline demonstrated its capability to meet the demands of the UK market by offering alternative solutions utilising a different approach.

“Securi-Guard is always looking for companies that have a proven track record in providing solutions and support services and Blackline GPS Europe certainly fitted the criteria,” said Pete.

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