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Meet the installer – Dave Mundy

by Andy Clutton

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADave Mundy is Operations Manager at Delta Security and has 26 years under his belt with the company. Areas of expertise for the company include security doors, CCTV, access control systems, cloud-based fob systems.

Do you use a distributor or buy direct from manufacturers?

We use distributors because we find it gives us a better service, keener prices and it means we don’t have to store large quantities of stock. I decided some time ago to let wholesalers be wholesalers, and for us to concentrate on installation because that is our core expertise. Our focus is on providing our customers with the systems and solutions that best suit their requirements, rather than being restricted in the products we can use.

Is third party accreditation beneficial to you?

Yes, third party accreditations are important because they protect our employees and customers, giving reassurance that the work carried out will be done safely and to the highest standards.

What would be a typical project for you?

The two main sectors we work in are social housing and education – specifically schools and colleges. A ‘typical’ project will include access control, and increasingly we specify cloud-based fob systems because of the levels of flexibility they deliver to housing managers in terms of controlling access to their buildings.

All of our engineers are DBS (Disclosure Bureau Service) checked, which means we are able to work with children and vulnerable adults, and as a company our knowledge of the procurement processes and service requirements that are specific to these public sector institutions means we win these projects time and time again.

Do you think there is a skills shortage in the industry? Any trouble recruiting installers?

‘Talent’ is an issue that impacts all businesses, regardless of sector. Because we are London-based, the talent pool is perhaps larger than in some of the regions and we attract the best by offering a competitive salary and creating a rewarding and dynamic environment in which to work.

Are there any common requests from customers that give you problems?

Managing expectation has always been part of the challenge, and there have been occasions where the expectation is simply unrealistic, perhaps because people have watched too many episodes of CSI! Nowadays though, with the prevalence of cloud-based technology, we have found the options available for tailoring a system to a customer’s specific needs are almost limitless and that the solutions available really are space age!

Read the full interview in the April 2015 edition of PSI magazine.

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