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How to Win Office Temperature Wars

by PSI Magazine

Jack is a busy guy. He’s the Facilities Manager for a dozen locations of a regional retail chain. From his corporate office, Jack can sense the thermostat wars going on in the stores, there’s just nothing he can do about it — until he installs a cloud-connected HVAC system that sends data back to his computer continuously and instantaneously.

It’s late Tuesday morning and his computer flashes an alert that the temperature at the Main Street store is moving outside of the acceptable limits he set when he configured the system. Just for fun, he calls the store and is assured that “nothing is up, no-one touched anything”. Before he hangs up, he informs the store manager that he KNOWS that the temperature setting was changed on the wall module at the store, that he will set the temperature back remotely from his computer AND lock the wall module so no one can tinker with it. Jack’s work is done here and his HVAC equipment thanks him for it. He heads out for lunch knowing his Honeywell cloud-connected HVAC system is monitoring all these situations for him, 24/7.

That’s how Jack wins Office Temperature Wars.

Samantha is the office manager at a large corporate building. Walk into her building on any given day and you see it: one worker with a mini-fan on their desk, sleeves rolled up, a super-sized cup of iced coffee in hand.  Twenty feet away another worker wears a hoodie, shivers under a fleece blanket, and clasps a mug of hot tea as a space heater cranks away under their desk.  Tropical Tom goes to the break room to refresh his icy drink and Shivering Sara sees her chance. Stealthily, she tiptoes to the thermostat, raises the temp by just a few degrees and quickly retreats to her desk.  Tom returns and lowers the temp, Sara raises it, Tom lowers it again.  Until Samantha installs a Honeywell WEBS system with the Niagara 4 Floor Plan Zoning widget which allows her to add polygon shapes over her dashboard control image. Temperature up in Sara’s cubicle and down in Tom’s. Samantha’s work is done here and her HVAC equipment thanks her for it.

That’s how Samantha wins Office Temperature Wars.

 Leon is a mechanical service contractor for a large church in the Midwest. He is rarely on-site at the facility which has big occupancy swings throughout the week. Unlike an average building, the church is unoccupied more often than it is occupied. When it is occupied, the temperature needs to be comfortable in a number of separate rooms across the building and for varying crowd sizes.

For years the building has been operating on basic, non-programmable thermostats that the previous contractor picked up at local hardware stores. The thermostats work ok, but can only be adjusted manually by a person in the room which means the temperature adjustment is first requested when it is needed. There is no way the HVAC equipment can bring the rooms to the required comfort level that fast and people constantly complain about the temperature while in the building. Of course, the rooms all become comfortable – it just tends to happen about an hour after everyone has left.

Leon is at his wit’s end: he has 30 different thermostats in the building, little control over any of them and doesn’t have much budget to work with. So, he puts together a plan to install a Honeywell Light Commercial Building Solution system that will qualify him for commercial energy rebates through his local utility company. The rebates the church receives back pay almost entirely for the new gear and give him remote control over his disparate HVAC equipment. Best of all, the wall modules are all programmable and can be operated remotely.

Leon installs Honeywell Adaptive Recovery which calculates when the HVAC system should turn on in order bring a space to the requested temperature at the requested time. The week he installs it, the congregation is comfortable when they arrive for services. The only complaint he hears is from the pastor: there’s too much background noise during the sermon. Leon checks the remote diagnostics from his phone, identifies a problem with the fan and fixes the issue in less than five minutes. Leon’s work is done – and he hasn’t even been on site (good thing because it’s the weekend!) and his HVAC equipment thanks him for it.

That’s how Leon wins Office Temperature Wars.

These comfort control battles go on all day and while your workers keep it (mostly) civil, your HVAC system is basically at war with itself, struggling to keep up. And all those mini-fans and space heaters?  They’re dangerously close to overloading the power strips on your work stations. One more personal appliance and everyone’s computers are taking a very expensive nap.

Comfortable employees are productive workers. A building that is optimized for energy efficiency saves you money.  If you can find a system does both, you’re making money and saving money at the same time – a real-life win-win situation!  Honeywell can help you do it. After all, thermostats are how we got our start 130 years ago.  Times have changed and our products have changed with them.  From simple solutions, to energy audits, and software optimized performance systems, Honeywell can help you win the Office Temperature Wars once and for all…or at least draw a very friendly truce between your workers.

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