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Finding it tricky to find certain tools?

by Andy Clutton

Identify Zit  (2)jpgTavcom has launched an online shop to help provide installation and service engineers with easy access to ‘need to have’ tools and test equipment. Accessible via the Tavcom Training website the online shop offers a range of equipment which engineers might not find easy to purchase elsewhere.

“Virtually every technician and engineer who attends one of our BTEC accredited courses conducted at our training centre in Bishops Waltham, asks for advice on where they can buy a particular tool or piece of test equipment, and there is particular interest in equipment that is IP network systems related.” said Mike Tennent, CEO, of Tavcom. “It therefore makes sense to offer this service so that students can acquire equipment similar to what they may have used on their training course, although of course non-Tavcom clients are also welcome to purchase items from the Tavcom Shop.”

Amongst the items on show in the Tavcom shop are installation tool kits, fibreglass wire running rod and telescoping poles, and a magnetic in-wall retrieval system. Also available is a one-person multi-line identifier and troubleshooting tool. Designed for an installation or service engineer who may not have an assistant on site, it can simultaneously identify up to 30 different wire runs

Find out more at www.tavcom.com

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