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Evacuation alert system for new residential block

by Andy Clutton

C-TEC’s evacuation alert system, EVAC-ALERT, has been specified for a new residential building in London. Located in the Elephant and Castle area of the London Borough of Southwark, Joyce Newman House is an eight-storey block of 40 living spaces commissioned by Leathermarket JMB.

Specified and supplied by Churches Fire & Security working alongside Blu Electrical Installations, EVAC-ALERT has been designed to comply with BS 8629, which recommends evacuation alert systems be installed in all new blocks of flats over 18 metres to assist the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) in evacuating part or all of a building in an emergency.

The system consists of a two-loop control panel connected to single and multi-way interface units, self-testing sounders and visual indicators. With manual controls to allow firefighters to operate the evacuation alert devices located inside flats on a zone by zone or floor by floor basis, the panel is stored in a secure vandal resistant cabinet which can only be accessed by the FRS using a special copy-protected key.

David Collins, Project Manager at Churches Fire & Security, said: “Evacuation alert systems ensure firefighters can alert occupants in a building of the need to evacuate if a fire gets out of control. The EVAC-ALERT system we’ve specified provides peace of mind for residents and, crucially, also demonstrates that building management have taken every precaution possible to protect the people residing in the property. Our client is delighted with the system.”

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