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Console for sitting or standing comfortably

by Andy Clutton

Impulse_DualSitStandWinsted Europe & Middle East has unveiled its new Impulse console, which features two surfaces that adjust in height independently of each other at the touch of a button. Aesthetically designed in a contouring curve, the consoles work surfaces can be adjusted from 30” to 46” in height allowing users to easily vary posture and alternate between a sitting and standing position.

As standard the Impulse console features a laminated work surfaces with Winsted’s proprietary Safeguard Edge. For added versatility, all Impulse consoles come complete with the company’s Versa-Trak monitor mounting system. Consoles can be used as stand-alone workstations, or combined to create a custom configuration.

Terry Shough, General Manager of Winsted Europe & Middle East said: “The new Impulse offers a highly adaptable solution to demanding control and edit applications. The design is an effective solution for reducing the risks associated with prolonged sitting.  Operators can instantaneously sit or stand as they choose while remaining effectively engaged with the demands of the task in hand.”

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