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Certification enables further export opportunities

by Andy Clutton

Vimpex MD James Jones

Vimpex’s Identifire TriTone sounder has recently been certified by UL Laboratories, an important move that marks an important development as the UL brand  gives Vimpex the opportunity to expand further into more export markets.

Managing Director James Jones says that “Vimpex’s selection of UL for certification to EN standards is an important part of the business’s strategy in positioning the business to succeed both domestically and to further expand its export activities [now that] our factory processes and products approved and audited by UL, LPCB and Intertek.”

The new Identifire TriTone Sounder can be flush or surface mounted and is available in red or white. With three low frequency tones and an output of 92-96 db(A), TriTone is part of a growing range of Vimpex alarm sounders, beacons and system accessories.

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