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CCTV reliability service is launched

by Andy Clutton

Sounder and CCTVChubb Fire & Security is aiming to boost the reliability of CCTV systems with a new service that proactively checks the status of installed CCTV equipment. Chubb ServiceCheck is an automated service that connects regularly to individual CCTV systems over the Internet to check on the status and operation of their DVRs, NVRs and cameras.

The system performs a daily review of the status of the network connection and recording equipment, cameras, hard disk, recording duration, frame rates, and time and date accuracy. Any issues are escalated to the customer, who can contact Chubb for resolution by the service team.

This new service was launched in partnership with the company’s Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC). Colin Leatherbarrow, product solutions director for Chubb, says that in a snapshot survey of 300 CCTV sites, more than three quarters had opportunity to enhance equipment performance, while two percent were not recording any incidents at all: “An annual maintenance check on its own can leave customers at risk if there is a fault or damage to the CCTV system or cameras between visits.”

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