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CCTV is cutting construction security budgets

by Andy Clutton

simon alderson VPS Development DirectorVPS Site Security has reported a switch from human patrols to more guardless systems in the last twelve months. Recent projects have seen savings of over 60% in security budgets, providing an improved security net that oversees sites 24/7 but at low cost. Costain, GallifordTry, Carillion, Taylor Wimpey and Murphy are among the names in the construction sector that have started to deploy CCTV systems to improve security and simultaneously cut costs.

“Manned guards have always been the traditional mainstay approach in the building sector to secure difficult sites such as highway construction and large, remote areas,” comments Simon Alderson, Managing Director of VPS Site Security. “But technological solutions have really proven themselves in recent years. So much so that, combined with truly dramatic cost-savings and better 24/7 protection and safety, we’ve seen a definite shift towards systems designed with CCTV included as the preferred choice.”

CCTV systems such as the JCB Smart Tower, combine cameras with wireless networks, sensors and power sources, so that long stretches of highway construction – sometimes many kilometres in length – can be monitored day and night, and from the safety of a remote monitoring station. Features include rapid-deployment CCTV with thermal cameras, sustainable power options such as hydrogen fuel cells, CCTV ranges from 100m to 2km and much more robust wireless solutions such as fluid mesh connectivity.

“Mobile patrols may still be required, but they are much more efficient when deployed with the support of these tower systems, as they can help target problems,” explains Simon. “The high definition videos are also being used as safety tools and traffic management systems, adding an extra layer of health and safety protection for construction workers and the public alike, providing immediate alerts if a potential danger is spotted, enabling the site to act before it comes an incident.”

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