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Axis introduces four new entry level cameras

by Andy Clutton

ph_p55_12_14_15_dropceilingAxis Communications has strengthened its family of Axis P55 pan/tilt/zoom dome cameras with the launch of four new entry-level HDTV models. “The new camera models offer enhanced performance, while still being offered at pretty aggressive price,” says Erik Frännlid, Axis’ Director of Product Management.

Axis P5514 is for indoor video surveillance applications such as small industries, shopping centres and hotel receptions. It is an HDTV 720p camera with 12x optical zoom, and with IP51 protection against dust. The AxisS P5515 model offers the same zoom performance and dust protection but features HDTV 1080p resolution for more image detail.

Axis P5514-E is an IP66-protected outdoor camera that is resistant to water, wind and snow. Its HDTV 720p resolution and 12x zoom makes it suitable for monitoring small outdoor areas such as schoolyards, car parks, car dealerships etc. The HDTV 1080p version, Axis P5515-E, offers a higher resolution as well as 12x zoom and IP66 protection.

Compared to previous generations of the cameras, the new Axis P55 network camera models provide increased analytics performance. Built-in intelligent functionalities include audio detection and Advanced Gatekeeper, allowing the cameras to detect an object in a specified area and zoom in on it. With their support for AxisCamera Application Platform, other video analytics applications can be easily downloaded to the cameras.

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