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ASD interface enables system integration

by Andy Clutton

b186feecde655a20_800x800arGent by Honeywell has announced the availability of its new ASD Interface allows FAAST’s aspirating smoke detection technology to be integrated with Vigilon fire detection systems.

Designed to work with the FAAST 8100 (shortly to be rebranded to FAAST XM) and FAAST LT ranges, the fully EN 54-17 compliant ASD Interface enables Vigilon control panel integration thanks to a combined loop interface and power supply unit (PSU) that also offers 24-hour battery back-up via the integrated EN54-4 PSU. The solution is supplied in a bundled kit that comes complete with batteries and connection via a printed circuit board (PCB), eliminating the need for end of lines and special cabling between the FAAST system and the loop interface. Set up can be completed using Gent’s Commissioning Tool and once an ASD Interface has been installed.

Dina Mistry, Gent’s Marketing & Communications Specialist said: “The ability to use the new ASD Interface to integrate FAAST technology with our Gent Vigilon control panels sets a new standard in life safety provision.”

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