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Analytics cameras supplied ready for use

by Andy Clutton

VISUALINT  MONITORVisualint has announced that its CCTV cameras are now integrated with the Sentinel Plus central station software package by Monitor Computer Systems.

 “One of the major issues faced by traditional detectors and motion detection CCTV is the fact that they simply present a flat screen image and we live in a three dimensional world, so detection by size alone is just not good enough,” says Jon Osborne of Visualint. “We overcome this issue by creating a video platform that allows the camera to see the world as we do. Visualint’s Logical Rule Architecture (LRA) first introduces a 3D overlay into the flat screen image giving the camera perspective, then we introduce stabilisation followed by scene learning to intelligently analyse the scene to identify and, importantly, automatically filter any environmental factors caused by foliage, etc. Once this is done we are then able to introduce up to 40 individual detection zones that include detection, loiter, tripwire, etc., and using LRA these can then be tied together to create areas of detection effectively creating “sequential/double knock” systems in external scenarios. This technology alone introduces new levels of nuisance alarm filtering that allow occupiers to confidently set their perimeter protection while they are home.”

 The system can recognise and identify people, animals, and vehicles while simultaneously monitoring their direction of travel and these parameters can be introduced into the LRA further filtering the usual “overspill activations” traditionally caused by wildlife, vehicles, and passersby.

 The cameras are supplied already set-up using Visualint Virtual Technician, a team of engineers who remotely set up the system. Installers specify the system and sketch the required detection patterns then when it comes to installation the camera can be mounted in the right direction and connected up.

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